Now Enrolling! Star Kids, Inc. “Big Kids of Faith!”

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Now Enrolling! Star Kids, Inc. “Big Kids of Faith!”

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Star Kids is Now Open with Free Enrollment! Please visit us at

“Give me your heart, my son,  and let your eyes attend unto my ways.”
​-Proverbs 23:26

Hi all! We want to invite you to check out New Hope Christian Fellowship’s new daycare, Star Kids, Inc. located in our building.

This is a faith-based, non-profit, child-care center established to care for the whole child, strengthen and encourage the well-being of the family, and aid parents in their advancement as students and working parents. It is our privilege to invest in the growth and development of your child and your family.  We are here to provide first-class care to all children in the program at affordable rates.

Star Kids will bring the light and love of Jesus to families who live in a world of changing values and great need.  In all things we will provide care that captures their hearts and inspires their minds to know how to love and live in ways of peace and kindness amid a passion for learning.   

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